Sympetrum meridionale (ten m) Southern Darter D 5181 W 700141. Southern Darter  – Sympetrum meridionale –  European Dragonfly photo

The Southern Darter  ( Sympetrum meridionale ) is not a common species in Southern Spain and care is needed to confirm identification. Where it is found in larger numbers it is never as abundant as the other Sympetrums. Breeding habitat is in waters with plenty of emergent vegetation and even marshy areas. These photographs were taken in wet areas off the Canuelo shown.

The virtual absence of any black abdominal markings, particularly on Segments 8 and 9, are a good indicator. On the sides of the thorax there are narrow black lines along the sutures. The legs have more yellow than black in them.

Canuelo, el Picacho, Andalucia Spain 8-0656-1 700

Sympetrum meridionale (f) Southern Darter 8-1845 WP

Sympetrum meridionale (f) Southern Darter 8-1827 WP