Desert Darter (m) Sympetrum sinaiticum WP

142. Desert Darter – Sympetrum sinaiticum –  European Dragonfly photo

The Desert Darter ( Sympetrum sinaiticum ) is a species which has only fairly recently been clarified. It is not common along the Meditteranean coast of Spain but it is also found in Tunisia. The habitat shown here is interesting, being high in the hills above Malaga at a man-made pond.

In separating this species from the Common Darter – Sympetrum striolatum there are three features which are helpful. The slightly smaller size would hardly be noticeable in the field but the blue – grey underside to the eyes, less black on the legs and thorax, and in particular, the black bars on the sides of Segments 2-3 are the best pointers. These black bars are also present on the yellow females.

Las Contadoras - Montes de Malaga A


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