Blue-eyed Hawker - (m) - Aeshna affinis WP 8-3-8524

054. Blue-eyed Hawker – Aeshna affinis- European Dragonfly photo

The Blue-eyed Hawker ( Aeshna affinis ) could easily be mistaken for a small Blue Emperor ( Anax imperator ). The bright blue showing on the body and particularly the blue eyes stand out when flying in the sun. Tireless again during the day they rest more frequently in the late afternoon and seem amenable to a relatively close approach . Males can often be seen accompanying females as they oviposit. They are not an abundant species preferring waters with much emergent vegetation.

Males are small being similar in size to the Migrant Hawker ( Aeshna mixta ). There are short antehumeral stripes and the sides of the thorax are green crossed by narrow black lines. The blue spots on the abdomen stand out with what is described as a mask shaped marking on Segment 2.
Females are green / yellow and look much brighter than female Migrant Hawkers.



Reservoir, nr Zhelezino, Bulgaria WP 8-8369


Blue-eyed Hawker - (m) - Aeshna affinis WP 8-3-8515


Blue-eyed Hawker - (m) - Aeshna affinis WP 8-3-8292