Onychogomphus costae - (ten m) - Faded Pincertail 8-3172 WP

087. Faded Pincertail – Onychogomphus costae – European Dragonfly photo

The Faded Pincertail ( Onychogomphus costae ) is a rare species confined to Spain, Portugal and north-west Africa where it is probably most frequently found in Morocco. Dry regions are favoured where it can be seen along sandy edged rivers and streams. Its excellent camouflage colouration and small size make it one of the most difficult dragonflies to find.

The Faded Pincertail is the smallest of the Onychogomphus and the most non-descript with its overall pale sandy colouring and no dark black markings. The pterostigma are also sandy-brown rather than black. In the hand the male appendages are quite different from other Onychogomphus with the lower appendage being shorter than the upper and ending in a point rather than a knob.

The Faded Pincertail is said to resemble the Green Hooktail – Paragomphus genei in size, paleness and being relatively inconspicuous when perched. The latter’s green face and thorax and the flaps on S8-9 are clearly different however.


Rio Guadalquivir, Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain WP

male ) - Onychogomphus costae WP