Gomphus simillimus (m) Yellow Clubtail WP 8-5058

076. Yellow Clubtail – Gomphus simillimus – European Dragonfly photo

The Yellow Clubtail  ( Gomphus simillimus ) is confined to the south-west of Europe and the north-west of Africa. There is little to easily distinguish the species but others in the family which are likely to overlap can be eliminated by their own particular characteristics. The Yellow Clubtail is less often to be seen perching on rocks and more likely to be found resting in vegetation.

The yellow lines on the legs excludes the Common Clubtail – Gomphus vulgatissimus which also lacks the central line on S8-9. Older males also have green rather than blue eyes. The Western Clubtail – Gomphus pulchellus is much paler and scarcely has a ‘club tail’. On the Yellow Clubtail it is wise to examine / photo the sides of the thorax which will show the black stripe behind the metastigma to be forked where it isn’t on the River Clubtail – Gomphus flavipes. The sides of the thorax on the Pronged Clubtail – Gomphus graslinii have much thicker markings and as the name suggests forked appendages on the male.

Canal de Vergiere, Peau de Meau, Camargue, Framce WP 8-4800

Gomphus simillimus (m) Yellow Clubtail WP 8-4891

Gomphus simillimus (f) Yellow Clubtail WP 3-5802 A4