Zygonyx torridus - m - Ringed Cascader 3-2045 WP

159. Ringed Cascader – Zygonyx torridus – European Dragonfly photo

Ringed Cascader ( Zygonyx torridus ) I can only quote from the Field Guide – ‘ .. a powerful and swift flier  … males patrol tirelessly over rapids  … seldom perches … prefers breeding sites with very fast flowing water … generally scarce in our area ‘ . Despite hours of watching I have as yet been unable to observe this species as it hangs up at the end of an afternoon’s flying. Hence I have just a flight shot and as yet not a very good one  !


This is a large black bodied dragonfly with prominent yellow spotting which stands out even at a distance as it flies back and forth in the middle of a fast flowing river.

Rio Guadiaro, nr Castellar, Andalucia, Spain 8-2038