Brachythemis – Groundlings

Brachythemis impartita (m) Northern Banded Groundling WP

151. Northern Banded Groundling – Brachythemis impartita – European Dragonfly photo

The Northern Banded Groundling  ( Brachythemis impartita ) is not an easy species to photograph well. The colouration blends in with the earthy background where it is normally found. Consequently there is high contrast with the black wing patches. The Goundlings are well named as they are so often seen around the feet of cattle and wild mammals.

Male have quite thick abdomens which show a combination of dull yellow and black markings but with age these become all black. The most obvious feature when they are disturbed from the ground is the wide black band across both wings. When seen at close range the pterostigma are off white with a dark outer end.
Females and young males often have no dark banding on the wings. The females have more yellow abdomens with a central black line down all segments.

Rio Guadiaro, Sambana, Andalucia 8-1887-5

Brachythemis impartita (f) Northern Banded Groundling D 5131 CS5-1-700x480