Sympetrum – Darters – Meadowhawks (NA)

 Sympetrum danae (m) Black Darter WP

130. Black Darter – Sympetrum danae – Danes Moss,  UK – European Dragonfly photo

The Black Darter (Sympetrum danae) is a Sympetrum species which has an extensive range from North America (Black Meadowhawk) to Japan and is common on northern acidic bogs.

Males change colouration radically from being largely yellow with some black markings in the freshly emerged insect to being almost fully black as an adult. This can cause some confusion in identification by beginners as I found many years ago. Photographs 4-6 show the gradual change from predominantly yellow to increasingly black. On the sides of the thorax a wide black band contains three yellow spots. The legs and the pterostigma are also black. It is a relatively late species to emerge. 

Females have yellow bodies with the sides becoming black with maturity. There is a black triangle on the thorax.

Danes Moss, Cheshire U.K A.

Sympetrum danae (m) Black Darter WP D 2 CS5

Sympetrum danae (sub ad m) Black Darter WP D 4758 CS5

Sympetrum danae (m) Black Darter 300 WP-8-5313

Sympetrum danae (m) Black Darter WP 8-3-9571

Sympetrum danae (imm m) Black darter WP T3-6882


Sympetrum danae (sub ad m) Black Darter D 5945-1.jpg

Sympetrum danae (imm m) Black Darter WP 8-2126

Sympetrum danae (f) Black Darter D 4701 CS5-1-700x480

Sympetrum danae (f) Black Darter D 3 CS5-1-700x476

Sympetrum danae (ten f) Black Darter D 4729 CS5-1.jpg

Sympetrum danae 9in cop) Black Darter 8-5310