Orthetrum albistylum (m) White-tailed Skimmer WP 8-8545 

117. White-tailed Skimmer – European Dragonfly photo

The White-tailed Skimmer ( Orthetrum albistylum ) is similar to the Black-tailed Skimmer ( Orthetrum cancellatum ) although its ‘jizz’ is noticeably different. It often favours perching on boardwalks and bare paths near water.

The adult male White-tailed Skimmer – Orthetrum albistylum superficially resembles its Black-tailed counterpart but the abdomen is noticeably slimmer and usually, but not invariably, has white appendages. Females also look much the same as female Orthetrum cancellatum but the black bands along the top of the abdomen are more curved and Segment 10 is also white like the appendages. Both sexes have pale bands on the sides of the thorax. Males before maturing appear similar to females. The last photo shows this with one already in cop!

Marais du Vigeirat, Provence, France 8-4983


Orthetrum albistylum (m) White-tailed skimmer WP 8-8457


Orthetrum albistylum (m) White-tailed skimmer WP 8-8466Orthetrum albistylum (m) White-tailed skimmer WP 8-8484

Orthetrum albistylum (imm m) White-tailed Skimmer WP 8-8419

Orthetrum albistylum (imm m) White-tailed skimmer WP 8-5028

Orthetrum albistylum (ten m in cop !) White-tailed Skimmer WP S 707 CS5