Somatochlora arctica (ten m) Northern Emerald S 615 W-1 700

105. Northern Emerald  –  Somatochlora arctica – Uk – European Dragonfly photo

The Northern Emerald ( Somatochlora arctica ) is one of the rarer UK species, confined to lowland boggy areas in Scotland where these photographs were taken in the 1980’s.

The striking green eyes and the glossy dark green body stand out.
Males have Segment 3 of the abdomen pinched to form a  narrow waist and the upper appendages are uniquely shaped like pincers or calipers.
Females lack the ‘waist’ but have a yellow ring on S 3 followed by two large yellow spots.

Somatochlora arctica (ten f) Northern Emerald S 614 CS5-1 700

Somatochlora arctica (ten f) Northern Emerald S 613 CS5-1 700