103. Balkan Emerald – Somatochlora meridionalis -European photo

Balkan Emerald - (m) - Somatochlora meridionalis WP 8-3-8204 

103. Balkan Emerald – Somatochlora meridionalis – European Dragonfly Photo

The Balkan Emerald ( Somatochlora meridionalis ) is the equivalent in South – eastern Europe of the Brilliant Emerald ( Somatochlora metallica ) which is found much more extensively throughout Northern Europe. The size of these two species is very similar and it is only by close observation of the sides of the thorax when one yellow spot ( rarely two ) may be seen on the side of the Balkan Emerald. The black pterostigma differs from the paler brown on the Brilliant Emerald although this is not completely reliable as some of the latter also have black pterostigma. Although the Balkan Emerald flies throughout much of the day its preferred habitat is deeply shaded streams on long territories, with flight and perching being mainly in very poor light. A photograph of one perching in the dark as it is typically seen is shown below. Standing within their territory can increase nearby hovering although like many of the family resting seems very infrequent !

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Stream, Byalgradets, Bulgaria 8-8382



Balkan Emerald - (m) - Somatochlora meridionalis WP 8-3-8238


Balkan Emerald - (m) - Somatachlora meridionalis WP 8-3-8387

Balkan Emerald - (m) - Somatochlora meridionalis WP 8-3-8243