Somatachlora metallica (m) Brilliant Emerald 8-4544 WP

102. Brilliant Emerald – Somatochlora metallica – European Dragonfly photo

The Brilliant Emerald ( Somatachlora metallica ) is the most common member of the family in Europe but it can be difficult to find in the UK at its two well separated populations in Scotland and the south-east of England. Often seemingly endless fast flyers in shady areas near the edge of waters they do occasionally rest in trees.

The Brilliant Emerald – Somatochlora metallica is the largest of the family and is most noticeable by its overall shiny emerald green appearance although this can be harder to see in the shade. Viewed from the side the bulb shaped abdominal Segments 1 and 2 are followed by a waist at S3 with yellow spotting along the underside of the body, the extent of which may vary. When the frons can be seen clearly the yellow spots form a bar.



Bog near Ramnas, Vastmanland, Sweden WP 8-4535

Somatachlora metallica (m) Brilliant Emerald WP 8-4627

Somatachlora metallica (m) Brilliant Emerald WP 8-4521