Cordulia – Downy Emeralds

101. Cordulia aenea – Downy Emerald

 Cordulia aenea (m) Downy Emerald WP

Downy Emerald – Cordulia aenea – UK – European Dragonfly photo

The Downy Emerald ( Cordulia aenea ) can be a difficult dragonfly to photograph as it often flies off fast and high into nearby trees even after the most careful approach. It is a species to be found relatively early in the season and consequently it is able to fly in cloudier and cooler conditions although it seldom perches around the waters edge. It is now one of Cheshire, England’s scarcest species and it is usually best found in rides some way from its breeding water.

The bright green eyes on mature dragonflies of both sexes are the most striking feature set against a dark green body. The abdomen however can appear bronze when seen at certain angles. The thorax is covered in dense hairs and the base of the wings, especially the hind wings, have dark yellow patches. The photographs here have been taken in the period of maturation before return to the breeding water and the eyes have yet to become green.
Males have distinctly clubbed abdomens with yellow markings underneath but these are difficult to see.
Females have perhaps slightly less bronzy bodies which are cylindrical and the spotting under the abdomen is paler, more white coloured.

Gull Pool, Cheshire A


Cordulea aenea (m) Downy Emerald WP D 1 CS5-1


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