Gomphus schneiderii (m) Turkish Clubtail 8-0378 W 700

074. Turkish Clubtail  –  Gomphus schneiderii – European Dragonfly photo

The Turkish Clubtail ( Gomphus schneiderii ) in Turkey is the counterpart to the Common Clubtail  – Gomphus vulgatissimus  which it strongly resembles. It breeds in large lakes such as Lake Koycegiz in Western Turkey shown below.

Males are somewhat smaller and have thinner bodies than the Common Clubtail. Another difference is the colour of the eyes which are blue rather than green. When viewed from the side the antehumeral stripes are of the same thickness as the adjacent black stripes. On the Common Clubtail they are narrower.


Lake Koycegiz, Mugla province, Western Turkey 8-0211 700

Gomphus schneiderii (m) Turkish Clubtail 8-0380 W 700

Gomphus schneiderii (m) Turkish Clubtail WP 8-0172


DSC_0163 A-1 700