Boyeria – Spectres – Spotted Darners (NA)

 Boyeria irene (m) Western Spectre WP

Western Spectre – Boyeria irene – European Dragonfly photo

The Western Spectre ( Boyeria irene ) is endemic to the Western Mediterranean and is unusual in that it flies mainly up and down the banks of streams in the shade and always perches well out of the sun. It is most active during the late afternoon and early evening as it explores darker places such as under overhanging trees. This photograph was taken using flash at some discomfort deep inside a thorny hedge where I saw it go to roost late in the day.

Both sexes have a dull spotty appearance said to resemble army camouflage.
Males have green eyes and very pale green on brown abdominal markings with the top side of Segments 9-10 green, so forming a ‘tail-light’. The ends of both the fore and hind wings are dark-tipped with the hind wing shading being more pronounced.
Females have straw coloured eyes and appear more brown. They also occasionally have dark tipped wings.


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