Aeshna grandis (m) Brown Hawker D 4568 W-1-700

056. Brown Hawker  –  Aeshna grandis – UK – European Dragonfly photo

The Brown Hawker  ( Aeshna grandis ) is perhaps the most easily identifiable Hawker in flight and was one of the first that I remember. In the 1970’s in a similar way to my finding the Blue Hawker – Southern Hawker ( Aeshna cyanea ) I watched one fly to roost really late in the day (this species can continue on the wing under artificial lights). The resultant flash photographs were not memorable! It remains in my experience one of the more difficult species to find settled and even then can be well disguised against the resting vegetation as in the third photograph. The Brown Hawker is most common at higher elevations in northern Europe and it prefers waters in wooded areas although it is often found in smaller numbers than others of the family at the same site.

Both males and females have red-brown bodies. The wings, including the veins. appear a dark yellow or even golden colour according to the light conditions.
Males have blue in the eyes and blue spots on either side of S 2. The abdomen is pinched behind these spots and also has blue markings down the sides. There are two wide diagonal yellow stripes on the side of the thorax.
Females have no blue highlights in the eyes. They appear altogether stouter in the body which doesn’t have the same waisting as in the male.

Moorside pond, Higher Disley, Cheshire B

Aeshna grandis (m) Brown Hawker WP 8-5171

Aeshna grandis (m) Brown Hawker A 8-5152

Aeshna grandis (f ovi) Brown Hawker D 5362 WP

Aeshna grandis (f ovi) Brown Hawker D 5996-1-700

Aeshna grandis (f) Brown Hawker S 568 CS5