Platycnemis acutipennis (m) Orange Featherleg S 467 CS5-1- 700

49. Orange Featherleg  –  Platycnemis acutipennis –  European Dragonfly photo

The Orange Featherleg  ( Platycnemis acutipennis ) is confined to France and Iberia but where found it is common. On first encountering this species its colouring doesn’t suggest it being a member of that family but it is certainly a very attractive damselfly. It can occur in all types of waters from fast flowing rivers to still water lakes but it seems to prefer moderately sized and slower flowing rivers.

Mature males have orange-red abdomens which, combined with blue eyes, make it quite distinctive. The black markings on the abdomen are similar to other species of Platycnemis but the middle and hind tibiae are not as enlarged.
Females are a somewhat paler orange with less black marking on the abdomen.

Rio Hozgarganta 700

Platycnemis acutipennis (m) Orange Featherleg WP S 466 CS5

Platycnemis acutipennis (ten f) Orange Featherleg D 5789 A-1-700

Platycnemis acutipennis (in cop) Orange Featherleg D 5830 A-1-700

Platycnemis acutipennis (in cop) Orange Featherleg S 526 CS5-1-700