Coenagrion hastulatum (m) Spearhead Bluet S 624 A CS5-1- 700

33. Spearhead Bluet – Northern Damselfly -Coenagrion hastulatum – UK – European Dragonfly photo

The Spearhead Bluet – Northern Damselfly ( Coenagrion hastulatum ) is only found in small populations in north-east Scotland although it is relatively common in Europe although numbers seem to be decreasing there at lower elevations due to deterioration of habitat. Preferred breeding sites include unshaded acidic pools, lakes, bogs and peat mosses which have plenty of edge vegetation.

 Appearing somewhat smaller than the Azure Bluet  –  Coenagrion puella the males have black abdominal marks on a pale blue body. Segment 2 has a distinctive black spearhead, or pointed mushroom marking, with two black dashes to the front and sides. The antehumeral stripes are blue.
Females have black abdominal markings on a green base. The antehumeral stripes are green.

Pitlochry, Scotland 700 +

Coenagrion hastulatum (m) Spearhead Bluet 625 CS5-1 700

Coenagrion hastulatum (m) Spearhead Bluet WP 8-4603

Coenagrion hastulatun (m) Spearhead Bluet WP 8-4624

Coenagrion hastulatum (m) Spearhead Bluet WP 8-4607