Ischnura saharensis m WP

Sahara Bluetail – Ischnura saharensis- European Dragonfly photo

The Sahara Bluetail (Ischnura saharensis) is again very similar to the Common Bluetail (Ischnura elegans) but it is endemic to the Canary Islands and the Western Sahara where these photographs were taken in Morocco. It is one of the smallest Ischnura. It breeds in many different types of water in more arid areas, both still and running, in salty and even ephemeral habitats which are only wet in the rainy part of the year. This species is very able to rapidly reproduce at new sites due to the quick development of its larvae and its ability to prospect widely.

It is interesting  to contrast the sandy colouring on the underside of the males abdomen in a species which occurs on the edge of the Sahara. The green thorax also helps pick this species out from the Iberian Bluetail – Ischnura graellsii and the Oasis Bluetail – Ischnura fountaineae when they are found together.
Photographs of an immature Type-C female and a pair in cop are also shown.

Barrage El-Mansour-Eddahbi, nr Ouarzazate, Morocco A1


Ischnura saharensis imm f Type C A D1 CS5-1.jpg

Ischnura saharensis (in cop) D4 A CS5-1-700x480